On The Right Track

Day 285 – October 12, 2018

Things In a Row – Weekly Photo Challenge / Beard – FOWC / Damp – RDP / Pacify – WODC / Starts With a T – October Photo Day Challenge / 

My last full day in Texas, was a chilly, rainy, damp, small break before more rain, kind of day.  We are under a flood watch from tonight through tomorrow night.  I swear this stuff just follows me everywhere I go. And yet I still didn’t get any photos taken today that were worth a damn.  On top of all that, turns out my daughter decided she needed to see a dentist because of a pretty bad pain in her mouth.  I know, nice timing right? So after scrambling around trying to find someone with our insurance, we got in to a place who could see her pretty quick.  Come to find out, she will need a root canal. Seriously?  To add to that, she really did not like the dentist, and felt uneasy with them doing the procedure, so we got in for an appointment to see my sisters dentist tomorrow morning.  At least I will fly back, with a much whiter beard, but knowing she will be in good hands.  But still, I can’t make this stuff up.  So for now the photos above will have to pacify you for now.  I know I at least got the row and T prompts covered in the photos, so I have that going for me.  But I have an early start tomorrow, and need to pack, etc. so I am not able to wax poetic here, but I will have plenty of time to make up for it tomorrow! Hope you had a great week and that your Saturday is a positive one.  Stay safe!

3 of Many will return Tomorrow!

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    1. Well, yep. And guess what? A flood warning, tornado and thunderstorms prevented me from leaving and gave me an extra 3 hours of waiting at the airport. I don’t get it. So I land home, its super chill and clear, but yep, rain tomorrow. I swear, I am a magnet for the stuff this year.

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          1. Someone offered me a free ticket if I would drive them to the concert at Auburn University, so off we went. I’d never been a huge fan, nominal I guess. “It had a beat and I could dance to it.” But she put on a phenomenal show.

            Her “I can’t stand the rain” was going through my mind as I read your post.

            Having a car in college also got me free tickets to the Grateful Dead and B.B. King. He was so great.

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          2. Going to a small school tucked far away in some mountains didn’t provide me lots of opportunities, even with a car. But I did have front row seats to a Poison concert! 😂 Well I must say Moody Blues and Steve Miller band were pretty awesome too.

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    1. Thank you. I am home! The root canal has become a little more complicated as there is something that has to be done with a nerve under the tooth. So now I get to add a new layer of stress since I am now 22 hours away. 😳😕

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