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Day 284 – October 11, 2018

Whimsical – A Photo A Week / Which Way Challenge / Frontier – Thursday’s Special / Fence – FOWC / Herd – RDP / Stellar – WODC / Leaves – October Photo A Day Challenge

First – This post was not backdated! I actually am posting it, on time, Central Time Zone (which counts because that is where I am). I am very pleased with this photo as I feel very confident that you can apply all prompts and challenges to the photo, but don’t think for one second I am not going to talk about it, a little.  Driving through the neighborhoods in proximity to family, we came upon this residence.  Yes – RESIDENCE.  This is a family HOME! It is in a suburb north of Dallas and was built on this very large parcel of land.  Story is that the original Rancher was selling his land to developers to build new homes.  This inventor, of a technical piece of equipment that is necessary in EVERY cellphone in order for phones to work properly, bought the whole thing. At first he built the home on this side, put in a tunnel to run under the road that divides the property where he could tend to his herd of cattle and horses.  Eventually he sold the land on the other side to a developer who has proceeded to build homes.  One of which is pictured below.  Still the house stayed and from what my father told me, it is up for sell, or has been sold.  He also said you can go online for a virtual tour.  If I can find the site I will add a link.  In any case, the house is magnificent and quite possibly, imo, a little excessive. It was still worth the little tour we went on just for the chance to stumble upon it.   Thanks to all who prayed for my son.  He made it some time this morning.  Not sure if they stopped for a bit, but according to him, they were able to time their trip so as to “avoid the red and orange parts of the radar”.  I think I actually caught up to my age thanks to that kid.  As far as my current trip, looks like I am flying out on Saturday, so I have 2 more days to enjoy this hot Texas weath… wait a minute, abnormally cool, at this time of the year, Texas weather!  Have a great Friday! Stay Safe


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14 Replies to “Home On The Range”

    1. Kind of? 😂 I grew up an army brat and lived everywhere kind of. But my sister and family moved there 25 or so years ago and my parents just moved there about 3 years ago (from Albuquerque, where I had lived before coming back east)


      1. Omg! Albuquerque! I’ll change my travel plans just to have green chili stew at Monica’s El Portal in Albuquerque! 😊
        I love NM in general. Huge fan of Lincoln NM, too.
        Texas Gal Here. My father still lives in Ft Worth where he retired as Dept Chief of police. Spent much time running around DFW.

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        1. Are you kidding? I love that place! Actually any place that posts the Chili Heat index on a chalkboard at the entrance has my deepest affection. 😍 or let me just grab a green chili pizza at Dion’s. I have a hard time eating “Mexican” out here and if they don’t give me a sopa at the start of the meal with honey, then I know right away. Seriously, Sopas for dessert? And no, Green chili is NOT salsa verde… 😂
          I had you pegged for a Longhorn/Aggie 🤠. And if things couldn’t be anymore ironic, my brother in law has been with the Irving PD for the past 26 years..


          1. Wow!!!!! Lol 6 degrees of separation!
            I try to stockpile hatch green chilis anytime I’m out that way. Divine!
            “Mexican” food is definitely effected by region and area cultural osmosis. Out west, a certain native american influence, northern Texas completely different than deep south yet both decidedly Tex-Mex. Though I’ve found the same to be true in Mexico. In Monterrey mexico, I ate the blandest food I’d ever placed in my mouth! I’m fairly sure they didn’t even know what salt was much less any other spice. Lol

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          2. True. But if you find one of those gems, the hole in the wall, family owned Tex-mex places that feel like you are in the family kitchen, that will be the best tasting food you ever put in your mouth. And yes my freezer is always full of green hatch. Always ready for Taco Tuesday 😍

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