Midnight At The Oasis


Day 283 – October 10, 2018

Sheer – Weekly Photo Challenge / SOB- Which Way Challenge / Parking –  FOWC / Color – RDP / Fjord – WODC / Ten – October Photo a Day Challenge / Mid-Week Monochrome #6 (Below)

Same deal as last night, only I am not as “late” as I was.  I mean, if I was in NM or California it would still be October 10, so technically… But I guess when you are with family you rarely visit, well, priorities.  And, contrary to popular belief, I do have a small list of “in order” priorities.  When I left Pa, it was in the mid 80’s.  The entire time in Ohio 80’s and 90’s, which continues through the week.  Since we have arrived in Texas, it has barely reached 70.  The temp tonight was in the lower 50’s. And while I am not complaining, well maybe a little bit, I know damn well that something is not right here.  I am not sure what the what is for the remainder of my stay, but I have no issues with not having to submit to that old Texas heat. Even if that means the chances of me getting in my sisters pool (above, and the closest I can come to a Fjord here in TX) decrease.  Again, I am not complaining.  I will voice my concern for when I will actually be able to travel back home this week/weekend.  Having family that work with an airline has its advantages, however the downfall of the advantage is the risk of not being able to get on a plane as a stand-by.  And with all the airport cancellations, and people trying to make it to their destinations, those extra seats will be hard to come-by.  But let’s not think of that right now.  I still have a couple of days to enjoy.  Even if my son, who is moving to Florida, opted to leave today, despite having to drive through the storm.  Now, I know he fell down some stairs as an infant, but the doctors said he was alright, so I am not quite sure when it became unstable.  Granted it proved that he did indeed have a hard head, which is a great descriptor, but common sense?  Sorely lacking.  I am really praying he listens to that little voice that says “dude, let’s call it a night and let the storm pass” and not the voice that is saying “dude, we can totally ride the surge all the way into Tampa.”  OK, now that that’s out of the way.  Not another “great” day for photo ops.  I just took a couple of “artsy ” photos of the sisters pool, as if me staring at it is not enough.  I added a couple of others, one of which was being built the last time I was here, but its now complete.  I have yet to come upon a city with highways, tollways, interchanges, anything quite like here.  I mean the sheer size of these things is incredible and the complex designs, the height (if you can’t widen it well, then build it higher) are just jaw dropping.  As I came in to the city Monday night, I believe I came down from one of the higher over passes and I swear it felt as though I was in one of those matchbox cars flying down a matchbox track.  You know the ones that you connected with the little plastic tongues, that you could position and design however you want, even by creating a loop de loop.  Yes that one. (Wiki Matchbox racetracks if you are not familiar, which I have a feeling many of you know exactly what I am talking about.). When I saw it up close today, I tried to get it on camera but I was riding in the truck and only had time to shoot through the window. I also took a “foodie” of, sorry vegetarians just look away, the steaks my brother in law grilled tonight.  I mean, when they say everything is bigger in Texas, they do mean EVERYTHING!  Have a fantastic Thursday, please Stay Safe!

3 of Many will resume after the trip.  I will make it up to you all (somehow 😬)

14 Replies to “Midnight At The Oasis”

    1. I try! I like to think there is something in every title! They are never hastily used. Sometimes that sits blank for the longest time, but then I may get inspired by a prompt and wham got the title, now just need the material! 😬😛😂

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          1. Oh don’t be… After all these posts though, it does get tougher. And I am still not always sure I haven’t repeated a title, though I do feel pretty confident that I haven’t.

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  1. Loved your shots! I am happy that you are having a great time.. 😃👍
    Oh yes, the temps have suddenly dropped by 20 degrees here too! Guess, the winters are coming! 😉

    PS – Hope your son listen to the “wiser” voice in his head and is safe!🙏❤️

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    1. He made it somehow. So thank his for that. Why do they have to be so hard headed? 😳 yeah what is it about the Southwest? It was downright chilly this morning and right now? I’m wearing pants. That is ridic. Winter is def coming! Oh well. Looks like I can catch a flight Saturday so I’ll enjoy it as long as I can. 😳💕🤠

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