Let The Good Times Roll

Day 273 – September 30, 2018

Transportation/Commute – Sunday Stills / Monochrome – One Word Sunday  /  Shark or Sheep – One Word Photo Challenge / Morning Joy – #MySundayPhoto / Day 30 (Last 😢) – #SundaySquares / Quintessence – WODC / Radical – FOWC / Secrete – RDP / Goodbye September – citysonnet DWP

This post includes the largest number of photos I have ever put on one post.  Mainly because there are some photos I really like and the fact that the festival happens only one day of the year.  I believe that the two featured photos respond to a the majority of the prompts (and I owed BeckyB a legit pink square.  What says pink better than fuzzy pink dice?)  I did alter the Chevy’s license plate out of courtesy.  So this is Pippenfest.  It’s what I have posted about a few times over the past couple of months.  The fest is always the last weekend of September and attracts a good number of artisan and food vendors, as well as live music.  While there are many activities, like the car show, off the main road, pretty much all the crafts and most food is along Main Street. This years car show is the largest I have seen in the 18 years I have been going.  This years collection is full of the most quintessence of vehicles.  I have posted many photos just to give a feel of the festival itself.  It isn’t the biggest of festivals by far, but it is just big enough to make it worth all the vendors time. The bonus aspect is without the kids to have to either drag around to play all the games or wait as they went off with their friends, it wasn’t an all day affair. It was probably why I brought Anastasia.  She would be ready to go after an hour or two in the heat!  I hope that you have a fantastic week! Stay Safe 😀

Hover on photos for brief description.

3 of Many

My Chariot Awaits

Just Don’t

Warning: This is a Major Tearjerker

10 Replies to “Let The Good Times Roll”

  1. You really have become the master of the “bang for your buck” themed images in our photo challenges! Can you imagine how nice the roads were with just a few old cars on the road compared to now? Love that pepto-pink trunk and die! Fun!

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    1. I would have to think they had the most amazing shocks! I love the challenges! I would be wandering around like a chicken with its head cut off if I had to go out without any idea for a photo! 💕

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    1. There are a couple of sprinkles in other photos! I will be looking forward to December, but in the meantime I will be happy not to have to square crop my photos! 😛😂💕 And I will have the one I had in mind composes at some point. 😬


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