Gonna Rock Down To Electric Avenue


Day 272 – September 29, 2018

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This may actually be one of those posts where all challenges and prompts are in the photo(s).  Might be a tad bit of a stretch with one or two, but they are there. 😬  This was not at all what I was planning g on doing today.  It is something I had in my Save for Later list, because when you know what it is and what it does, and then look at the photos below, you’ll know why.  But as I drove by the Mount (short for Mount St. Mary’s University which is right along the main highway, only a few minutes from my house) the reflection of the sun of the panels was too tempting. I had planned to capture our local festival, but I ended up not going today, so tomorrow will have to do. Just a few years ago the University of Maryland bought/rented a few acres of land that sits behind and next to the practice fields and stadiums.  The intent was to put in a solar farm that would provide the electricity to power the University.  I believe the Mount was able to contract a portion of the generated power to cover the stadiums, practice fields and field house.  In order to generate that much electricity you would think you would need incredible amount of panels. Well…

The first photo is a reference for the size of just one panel. The second is a small section of the grid.  One of the converting power plants sits in the center toward the back.  Bottom photo on left is one quarter of the grid. Bottom right is a panoramic shot (click to see a full shot) of the grid.  This represents ¾ of the entire system.  You may notice what looks to just be a bunch of dirt mounds.  Scattered among the “mounds” are battery houses (that’s how I have heard them described). Each grid or cluster feeds one of the houses, which collect and then send to the main power grid. The panels are situated in sections facing different parts of the sky in order to always be receiving some solar energy any season, any time. I have always been fascinated by magnitude and the positive effect they have on our ecosystem. Oh and remembering that they are powering a school 75 miles away.  Hope your weekend is going well.  Stay safe!

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22 Replies to “Gonna Rock Down To Electric Avenue”

  1. Haha! I was thinking of this song from a video of some army guys dancing to it in Iraq. I recently checked out of a conference comparing the benefits to all the alternative energy sources: solar, wind, water. It’s great that it’s powering up the school.

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  2. Wow! Those panels are huge. Is that section just for the university, or is the generated energy used in the rest of the town as well? I’m trying to wrap my head around how many panels it takes to power a school or town.

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    1. From what I was told it is the power supply for the entire University of Maryland. I also heard that there are some DC locations that benefit. But 90% of the coverage is UMD. And as I mentioned this continues in many other places. I see them daily and it still blows my mind. The other amazing fact is that you have to know they are there to see them from the road.


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