Waiting Room

Day 271 – September 28, 2018

Circles and Curves – Cee’s Black and White ChallengeArt – Friday Foto Fun / Weekend in Black and White /Week 4 – Pull Up a Seat / Day 28 – @SeptemberSquares / Jaunty – WODC / Heart – FOWC / Justice – RDP / Books – citysonnet DWP

There are a lot of happenings this weekend around here and I will not be short of photo subjects.  It will just make it difficult to choose what to feature.  I don’t know why I just shared that.  So… It is no secret that Gettysburg is full of history and almost everywhere you go, to and from the town, you will run into some historical marker.  Sometimes you run into them in the most random places without even realizing that there is some historical connection.  I have been to this parking lot a countless number of times. It’s pretty large with Giant Supermarket as the centers anchor store.  Tucked far off in the furthest corner of the lot sits this quaint 3 benched seating area. I never really payed much attention to it, figured it had to be leftover from what was once a neighboring mobile home site.  And since there aren’t many folk out jaunting around to where the need to take a load off, it just didn’t call attention to itself.  I also never really noticed the two counter facing tablets sitting in the middle of the park.  Until today.  Not going to lie, as I drove through the lot, the pink of the foundation pad of the park, drew my attention.  I needed something pink for the  #inthepink challenge.  So I really didn’t intend on spending time researching the reason for the parks existence.  After about an hour of feeding google different bits of information, I uncovered a pretty remarkable piece of history. Turns out, the entire area was Camp Letterman, the general main hospital camp that operated during the warNot enough justice is given to this important location.  I won’t bore you with any more detail, but I was fascinated.  If you are interested in glancing at what I found, and don’t want to hit the books, take a trip here.  Hope you had a great week and enjoy your weekend! Stay safe!

Up Close of one of the waysigns.

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    1. To be fair most of these challenges have taken over my life. Yours just happens to be one that really tests my creativity which makes it so challenging. I loved the roof theme once I figured out what the challenge meant. (I thought the roofs had to be square, finding square roofs is not easy 😂) Please be nicer in December 😛


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