When The Fog Comes Rolling In

Day 258 – September 15, 2018

Small Is Beautiful – Lens-Artists Photo Challenge / #SixWordSaturday / Right Place Right Time – Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge / Blossom – Fun Foto Challenge / Abstain – FOWC / Slapdash – RDP / Verdant – WODC / Day 15 – #SeptemberSquares/ The Weekend in Black & White

The fog settled right over the mountains this morning, allowing me the opportunity to take these.  I was driving out on some back roads with cornfields on both sides of the road thinking about, but abstaining from, making a slapdash to the field and grabbing a couple of cobs.  As I drove around the corner, the houses in the hills, past the verdant corn fields, caught my attention.  The houses were just low enough to be seen in between the blossoming corn stalks and through the fog, but high enough to still have be shrouded in a light cloud of mist. My original idea was to try and capture the landscape to give an idea of the perspective of the mountains in the background. While I am sure the house, up close, has spectacular views, there is something about the view of the house. from this distance, that make it spectacular in its own right. I had a hard time deciding what photo to feature, so I chose a few And talk about timing, not 5 minutes after I took these, the sun burned right through the fog giving way to some sunny skies (talk about right place, right time 😬). I was just tickled pink.  Hope you all are having a fantastic weekend!

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Chi-Town From Below

What They Were Born To Do

Sweet Bee

20 Replies to “When The Fog Comes Rolling In”

    1. See? (I’ve actually been using that escape a lot, not to many interpretations for pink 😕) Sometimes I wonder if I should start responding to the most recent comments first 😳😂 Thank you so much! I really appreciate the kind words. 💕


  1. You certainly were in the right place right time. So often I think… perfect photo opportunity when I’ve Seen the mist rising on the fields, nipped back inside for a camera only to find the mist has disappeared almost within seconds. Thank you for sharing these super shots.

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    1. Thank you so much for the compliment. There is this Valley I drive by in the mornings and some days it looks like it’s just full of dry ice. You can see cattle’s heads just poking through the top. Every time I see it I wish I could catch it or I had time to stop!

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  2. The corn looks very healthy!
    I like your black and white. I like the sharp, high-contrast foreground against the soft haziness of the background.

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    1. Thank you! With as much rain we’ve had I would hope it is. I really thought it’s growth was a bit stunted, until I got next to it. 😳 I didn’t know what to expect with the B&W. Especially with the mist. I hadn’t shot fog before. I thought it would wash everything out but it ended up looking like grain.


    1. Thank you. I think I had more that didn’t come out then the ones that did. I had (having) issues with the settings in trying to balance the lighting just right. Frustrating. 🤨 Really appreciate the compliment! Thanks for another great challenge!


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