War Of The Roses


Day 250 – September 7, 2018

Strength – Weekly Photo Challenge / #467 Reflection in the Middle – Weekend Reflections / Cat – citysonnet photoaday / Coffee – Ragtag DP / Schedule – FOWC / Rash – WODC / Day 7 – #SeptemberSquares

The intense heatwave came to a screeching halt today, resulting in a rash of strong storms.  I had to start there just so that I could add the photo at the bottom, I didn’t want to see that one go to waste. The reflection of light in the middle, where the clouds open up, was a scene I had to pull over and capture.  And as an added bonus, a 3rd photo has been added in order to capture two of the other prompts.  It’s not that I don’t think I could have weaved the prompts into the featured photo, I just had more fun taking pictures of Zazu, the cat, with coffee, in a box, scheduled to go out for recycling. I had intended on that being the featured photo, until I saw the results of the photos I took of the roses. That photo came out a lot better than I thought.  I went to grab some carry-out pizza.  On my way, I decided to go down a back alley that leads to the pizza shop’s parking lot.  I had pulled over to let an oncoming truck pass (it was a one lane alley), when I looked over and saw this scene, with PINK roses.  I grabbed the camera and rattled off a couple of shots. I was just happy to get the roses. The background was an added bonus. I have always believed Roses to be flowers of strength.  Seriously, I didn’t pull that one out just for the challenge.  To me, they are some of the strongest, most difficult suckers to take out or relocate. When you think they have died out, they pop back out from the tiniest of stems.  Weather, insects, heck shrub killer, are no match for these plants.  But it’s not just that, they also are a symbol of strength to those battling different types of cancer.  And while most roses have that sustainability and hardiness, the pink rose bush is, by far, unbreakable.  Hope all have a great weekend!

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There Are Worse Things

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