Three Amigos


Day 245 – September 2, 2018

Work – Sunday Stills / Threesome – TWI One Word / #MySundayPhoto / Detail – Pic and a Word / #inthepink – SeptemberSquares / Sequacious – Ragtag DP / Tantalizing – FOWC / Leisure – WODC

As if I weren’t sequacious enough, it appears as though my Sunday prompts and challenges have doubled! I also think I left two off that I couldn’t work in.  But it was too tantalizing to not welcome back September Squares, and discover a new challenge (well new to me), hosted by Patrick over at Pix to Words. I am posting a little later than I was aiming for but I got carried away looking through a few of the incredible number of tantalizing photos! The focus on my photoventure today was the challenge word “threesome”. Anything in three’s drew my attention.  When I stumbled across these three, I just had to feature them. There were actually four, one being all white, so I had to wait for the photo to fall in to place.  When the white horse pulled away from the group it wasn’t long until the shot presented itself.  There is a lot of detail in this pic, from the colors, to the wood fence that I shot through.  It was one of those that just worked, with very little work other than to be patient, which really doesn’t always work in my favor.  I am also pretty sure the photo could have stood on its own, without these words, and fulfilled all the challenge/prompt words.  Hope all had a great weekend and for those of you who have another day left of this long weekend, enjoy that extra day!

3 of Many

Neither Rain, Sleet or Snow

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Learn to Learn

25 Replies to “Three Amigos”

  1. <smile> Thank you, Jason, for finding my Pic and a Word Challenge. And thank you, doubly, for posting in response! Though, it is Patrick, not Richard, who hosts it. 😉

    Nice pic, btw. Well worth the wait. =)

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    1. Oh, and for some reason your post didn’t pingback on the challenge page. (That’s happened a couple times recently. Don’t know why.) If you post a comment with a link, though, that will sort it out and visitors will know you’ve posted. =)

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    2. I am so sorry. I knew it was Patrick. I have no idea what I was thinking! Thank you so much for hosting! (I will fix the name thing and not make that same mistake twice)


      1. No worries at all. I am grateful for the mention, and hadn’t been called Richard since a university girlfriend’s pet name for me was Pat-richard. So it was good for a chuckle. (For some reason, I get ‘Peter’ a lot.)

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        1. Thanks for this. I got a chuckle as well. The Peter is rather odd, not sure where that comes from and I hesitate to add pet names I received in college! (I did fix that post pretty quick, btw)

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    1. As always, I so appreciate your opinion.😊 I was just a tad disappointed because I did have to edit some color and contrast. But not so much (I think 😳)


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