Blue Light Special One Night Only


Day 237 – August 25, 2018

Colorful  Lens-Artists / Shopping – Sunday Photo Challenge / Lighthouse – citySonnet / Brio – Ragtag DP / Attaboy – FOWC / Strident – WODC / #WeekendReflections -465 / #6WordSaturday

I wouldn’t call this missing a day, in fact my photos were shot today (8/25) I just didn’t get the post written until a wee bit tomorrow (8/26) But if we fo by Pacific Time I still have 2 hours to go, so I will be posting this from California, which my VPN grab its IP address from there (I know I sound all tech smart and what not…it’s a facade). I am in Philadelphia.  The much quieter, plenty of room to walk, no strident individuals calling out with much brio, asking for any kind of handout on every corner. I had the fun task of moving my son back to school today.  He is a Junior at UPenn in Philadelphia, and since I get up here very seldom (Pick-up and Drop-offs) I decided to spend a little more time in Philly, but mostly my son, despite maybe an hours worth of sleep last night. Can I get an attaboy? I even took him shopping so that he So the feature photo as well as all the others below were chosen a) because I like them and b) they are pretty darn colorful.  The photo at the top of the page is a photo I shot on the 25th floor of his “dorm”. Lets’s just call them apartments, or sure let’s go for condos because except for that all too familiar dorm furniture, the place is amazing.  The other two photos of the skyline were taken from my sons room on the 20th floor.  The boy has 2 floor to ceiling windows right there.  I mean I was a tad jealous.I have two photos of the sister dorm right across the walkway.  The buildings are a dead on match.  The room at the top, is the study room, and if you just glance at the windows all around, you will see that there are a lot of bright unfilled rooms on this campus.  As for the feature photo and the PNC building, they are just those icons that standout as you approach the city. It does remind me of a lighthouse, except we are not in danger of sinking. Just that blue beacon reminding you that your home (if you live there)

3 of Many

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5 Replies to “Blue Light Special One Night Only”

    1. Thank you! I love Philly. Despite being home to the Eagles, it is just one of the best kept big secrets! He is a junior this year, so time is running out on the visits. I do love that campus though!

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