Hung Out to Dry


Day 234 – August 22, 2018

Uniformity – 24 Weekly PhotoResonate – FOWC / Remember – Ragtag Daily Prompt / Symphony – WODC

Back downtown again today, and for whatever reason, there was something that resonated with me when I saw this building from this perspective.  The Temple is a school for cosmetology that is part of the Paul Mitchell family.  I guess that is suppose to be impressive, but I am not really the hairstyling type.  But it is a pretty popular spot and from what I hear, very difficult to get accepted into. When I looked at my collection of photos for the day I remembered Deb’s challenge, and I was pretty pleased that I would be able to use this photo, not only because the photo features typical definitions of uniformity, but when you think of the type of school it is, you can visualize the uniformity of the hairdresser stations, chairs and the layout of all the “tools of the trade”. Shortly after I took this photo, one class was ending and students filed out toting different sized cases, like musicians from a symphony, packing their instruments and carting them away until the next time they have to perform. Happy humpday all! Here’s hoping for a wonderful end of the week!

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9 Replies to “Hung Out to Dry”

    1. If I may offer a bit of advice that was shared with me when I first started (presumptuous on my part I know so feel free to delete it at any point) Set a schedule. Especially if you are enjoying it! It is so easy to burn out fast, and your stuff is good (so far 😜) and it’s so easy to give up. But I think that would be a shame. Personally I have finally rid myself of the toxicity of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Tired of being judged on what I liked and didn’t like and by “friends” who always had something to chime in on. This has been a breath of fresh air. You follow who you want, in most cases you don’t even know them, you like whatever you like pretty much only if you like it and no one is worse for wear. And I suppose there are those who look at the follows as a sign of success but as many have said it’s more about the views, and in all honesty while it’s nice to know someone out there is reading your stuff, the whole idea of the blog is so therapeutic. But now I sound creepy and over probably a bit pompous (I’m not I swear) I just really think that when I link a post that is totally by chance, there’s something that I can relate to or it’s super interesting and I really hope to read more! So good luck! Sincerely hope you stick with it. I Promise if I comment again it won’t be as long and will stay on topic 🙄😳😬


        1. Oh my goodness. That’s incredibly ironic. My daughter is looking into that. But also what a great concept for your blog. Even if you only posted photos of something of the place you land. Idk. But I haven’t seen anything like that and that’s fascinating.


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