Photo Bomb


Day 233 – August 21, 2018

Scene – Tuesday Photo Challenge / Cursory – WODC / Being – FOWC /  Yarn – RDP /

Took a cursory journey to Liberty Resort today, just to find some possible scenic photos for todays challenge. My instincts must have been telling me to go because I came upon this group, that turned out to be a family reunion (based on the “Welcome” board in the lobby.). While the scenic backdrop the photographer was using was indeed gorgeous, I really enjoy the perspective from this angle.  I am standing 15 feet below them and only about 20 yards away, but the distance makes a pretty big difference.  The many different conversations, the yarns they are telling, connect the photo in a unique way.  At least that is how I interpret it. Kinda fun.  Hope your Tuesday was a great day!

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12 Replies to “Photo Bomb”

        1. Not going well this week, quite the struggle. Really testing my core, but having the blog that allows me to escape is simply the best! (Sorry, didn’t mean to dump…forgive my angstiness, 😬) 💕

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          1. Thank God for the blog, O’wise I would have literally pulled my hair out (or whateverlittle is left of them!) LOL! Being at-home housewife can get so boring sometimes! 😉

            Aww.. Take a break or something. Disconnecting always helps!❤

            PS – I am all ears.. Feel free to share anytime!😬

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          2. Thanks girl! But Im pretty sure this isn’t quite the forum, and all you’re amazing followers would prefer not to read a babbling moron like myself!


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