Now You See Me

Day 217 – August 5, 2018

Friend – SundayStills / Positive – One Word Photo Challenge / #MySundayPhoto / Chimney – One Word Sunday / #462 – Weekend Reflections / Awkward – WODC / Ego – FOWC / Abide – RDP / Sunny (Bright) – citysonnetDWP

I am not sure where to start today.  For one, it is the second day of no rain, and as predicted the humidity has filled the air and we are now under a heat advisory through tomorrow night.  If it isn’t one thing it is another.  On a positive note, the sun is bright and the sky is blue and I was able to get out for a bit. So Anastasia and I decided to take a field trip.  We didn’t really have a specific destination, but my eyes were peeled for a photo op that would capture the large number of prompt challenges today.  After a couple of options dissent pan out, in order to abide by the rules I implemented myself, I ended up with two photos.  The 3rd, at the bottom, was just another that I really liked, all ego aside.  A few weeks ago the SundayStills challenge was macro.  Ms. Zen at NorCalZen submitted an awesome response and I commented I needed to try.  It just so happened I was able to use Anastasia’s eye for friend and reflection. The chimney prompt was a challenge indeed. Funny story (very awkward as well)  So I was attempting an “artsy” look with the fancy “outhouse”, when a woman came out while I was shooting. She stopped in her tracks, staring at me with that wtf look.  I was speechless.  All I could muster was to raise the camera, point at it, and then kind of just shrug and mouth the words “I’m sorry”.  I think she realized pretty quick that it was the building I was shooting, and then did a double take with the first expression being a “that has to be the strangest thing I have ever seen” look and then when she did the second take, it was with this hysterical laugh.  I guess the site of me pleading, silently, that it was totally innocent, looked pretty pathetic.  I don’t know. What I do know is that I got a damn chimney, and I made it artsy.  Hope all had a fantastic weekend!

3 of Manyfullsizeoutput_7060

Scared Straight

All Dolled Up

The Gift




23 Replies to “Now You See Me”

      1. It’s funny. My first two years I think I wrote half as much, if even that. Sadly the likes, followers and comments pretty much all came from my Facebook friends. This year I am off FB and all the numbers tripled. Crazy. (I hate statistics 😝)

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      2. I never expected anyone to read my blog and when they did I got scared and put the majority in draft status. It did help me at the time to write down a lot of what I was going through. But I’d never tell anyone on Facebook about this blog!

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      3. I was drawn to your blog because of your writing so stop doubting! I stopped Facebook and changed the address of the blog. And I feel much more able to write and express myself and not be judged. It is prob why I do write more! 🙂

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    1. I was happy I was able to actually respond with a “friend” even if she has been featured a little bit 😬. I do like it better when the prompts come together in a photo but that’s not as easy to come by! Thank you, as always, for hosting!

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    1. I did! That post completely rocked the animal eyes. I have been waiting for the opportunity to do one. Those blue eyes are the first thing people notice and comment on (that and that black “eyeliner” 😁. 48%? That is GREAT!

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      1. Awesome ! I love hearing that 🙂 Thank you! Those blue eyes are certainly noticeable. I’m in the market for a new camera, partly because I want to do more similar shots. Looking forward to see more of you photos.

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      2. Hope that happens so you can shoot away. I will be happy to view them!😘 There is a really cool camera shop in the internet, that allows you to rent cameras and/or camera lenses and equipment, so you can try things out before you buy! You are under no obligation to buy from them. And they are really reasonable. I think I’ve seen a few brick and mortar shops that do the same thing! Just food for thought. I would just like the right lens to do more closeup/ wide angle shots. But until then, I will have to improvise.

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      3. Yes! I’ve rented cameras a couple times when I’ve been unsure of what to get next, or when I had a very important event coming up. It is a great idea! I’ve narrowed it down to 4 cameras that all would work for me. Which one I get depends on what kind of deal I can get, both on the new car I need, and the

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