(Wet) Dog Days of Summer


Day 213 – August 1, 2018

Energetic – WODC / Gullible – FOWC / Monsoon – RDP / Relaxation – Weekly Photo

Going to start with a little heartbreaking news.  Gracie, my Golden, who has quickly been losing her vision as a result of SARDS, is now, according to the vet, totally blind.  Took her to the doggie ophthalmologist this morning, who performed the test (ERG) that determines the severity, and she was unresponsive.  It is an incurable, irreversible syndrome, and at only 4 years old, she will have to adapt and live with it for a long time.  Me being an animal mushhead (not an actual word, I believe) am having a very hard time accepting it. But Gracie is not showing any signs of distress and is still the energetic, happy tail wagging dog she has always been.  The Doc said that she is a very smart dog and will adjust very quickly.  She just needs us to be patient and help her adapt.  As her sight has been diminishing I realized I was already doing many of the things that she suggested we do.  So as long as she isn’t appearing like she is suffering, I guess there should be no reason why I should feel like I am at a total loss.  I wish I could say I was joking, but I know you aren’t that gullible and who the hell would make something like that up anyway?   On another note, it rained today. Surprise! I find it ironic that one of todays prompts is monsoon.  Though we are nowhere anywhere near a “monsoon” prone area, There is no other way to describe what the last week and a half have been like.  And yes, there has been another flood watched issue until Friday! If you can believe it, as I type right now, the skies just opened up dumping a large amount of rain, and we lost power (thank goodness my laptop is full charged) Looking at the radar (see below) it is just starting. Ugh. With all the events of the day, latest storm included, it was only a matter of time before the need for some relaxation beckoned.  Gracie wasn’t one to resist it.  She found the boy lying on the couch, fairly easily, and promptly nuzzled her way to an afternoon siesta.

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14 Replies to “(Wet) Dog Days of Summer”

      1. Aww.. How brave of her! And now you will have to be as strong and as chivalrous as her, just so to pass all your positive vibes and energy to her!❤
        (She’ll always look up to her master for support and confidence!)

        You both are in my prayers!❤

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    1. That is so kind. Thank you! They said that she could develop those but with this it won’t matter. It really is just so crazy. A week ago a little bit of loss and a week later total. Hard not to feel for her especially when she has no idea what is happening.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. So fast. I feel horrible when I see any animal in distress. I guess it’s because they are so vulnerable and I know they wouldn’t even stand an inkling if a chance if someone doesn’t help a little. It’s prob why I stop whenever I see a turtle crossing a road and help it out on its journey.

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