I’m a Little Teapot


Day 205 – July 24, 2018

Wind – TPCAnti- _ – WODC / Wise -FOWC / Reflection – RDP

I am now, completely, anti-rain.  4 straight days of heavy rain, relieved by a little bit of sun break through, but only long enough to fire up the thermostat and pump up the humidity. Combined with the storm systems winds and you feel like you’re stuck in the jungle.  Yesterday I headed out to find some over run creek banks.  While I came across a couple, I knew that based on the flood warnings that now extend through tomorrow, combined with the continuing down pours, that I wouldn’t have to go far today.  I was right.  It was just a matter of time before all the run off would have to wind it’s way down the mountains and dump into the many creeks and streams.  With the massive amount of rain that has fallen, the creeks would be swollen once the water finally collected into its banks.  So I set out with two objectives.  Find some flood photos and continue to search for 2 of each animal needed for the ark.  The creek pictured, is a great reflection of the resulting rains as it continues to devour much of the land around it.  You can see where the run off has collected and created a pretty massive waterfall.  The creek normally runs pretty much straight off of it, and the area I am in, including everything in front of me, is usually safely dry.  I am standing in about a foot of water. I wanted to get closer to the falls, Anastasia protested. I believe I made a wise decision to not press my luck.  I was, however, able to find another angle to shoot and included that below.  So, yeah, I am pretty sick of gray, rainy days.  To the point where even taking a shower is very unappealing. With more rain and t-storms forecast for the next 5 days, with only Thursday showing a break, with a lot of time for reflection, I am definitely going to have find something more bright to post.  But hey, at least I am right at home since it is Shark Week.

3 of Many

Too Far?

Blown Away

Harsh Reality/Reminder


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    1. They instructions aren’t in English and the illustrations seem to have been drawn by a kindergarten class both of which are hampering my progress. That and none of the wood I have is pressure treated. I’m drowning here! 😳

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