Let Me Entertain You


Day 194 – July 13, 2018

Petulant – WODC / Fear –  FOWC / Superstition – RDP / Nightlife – WPC / #459 – Weekend Reflections / Cee’s Which Way PC

I had to run into town tonight.   I had absolutely no desire to leave the house.  In fact, the whole request was met with much petulance.  But after a guilt trip (and the promise of Chipotle) I went.  My errand found me in the center of town, which also happens to be “theatre row”.  Call me superstitious, but I have this fear that if I don’t at least walk past the theatre when I am close, my chances of landing a role with one of the companies drops.  Too my advantage there are 3 theatres (the third is on the cusp of opening) all within 500 yards (or years) of each other.  It just increases my chances of being cast or landing a directing gig.  In fact, you can see the marquee of the largest of the three in the reflection in the window.  At the time of the photo, the sidewalk was rather empty, even the metered parking spot right in front, but just about 20 minutes before it was bustling with theatre goers heading to their show, those out for dinner, or just out for a stroll. Just around the corner, the center of nightlife in town is just about to kick off.  A number of bars and night clubs line both sides of the street, and there isn’t an empty venue in site.  I love the colors that pop out in the dark.  It really does catch your eye.  This town has a little bit of everything.  It’s probably why I really wasn’t really that put off by the trip.  The Chipotle was good too. Have a great and relaxing weekend!

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19 Replies to “Let Me Entertain You”

        1. OK I will split it in 2 so that I can cover all. Play Realistic – Barrymore. Play Unrealistic – Christopher in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime. Musical Realistic – JM Barrie in Finding Neverland or Edward Bloom in Big Fish. Unrealistic – Jamie in Last 5 Years. That was not easy 😕

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          1. I feel bad now that I asked and caused you to have to think of all that! I’m so movie illiterate, I’ve never seen anything you mentioned. However, I did know Big Fish was filmed in Alabama. But your answer was very interesting!

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          2. Seriously? Don’t feel bad. It was a great question. If I didn’t want to answer I wouldn’t have. The question intrigued me. I don’t remember anyone asking that of me, and Ive been teaching theatre and performing 30+ years. It is ironic though, all 3 musicals were movies, and both plays come from wonderful novels.

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          3. It really depends. Whatever is playing at the time, which is usually something that reflects the mood. I have playlists called “songs from the shower” “Belting on the Beltway” and “Local Vocals” Each with a variety of songs.

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