Hidden Figures


Day 190 –  July 9, 2018

Mystery – VJWC  / Lesson – FOWC / Rejuvenate – WODC / Dart – RDP

This is a social studies lesson for the day. One of the rumors, I had heard, when I first moved here was that across the state road was a hidden military bunker carved inside the mountain.  I had seen the single radio tower at the top of Raven Rock, which is the name of the mountain peak, straight across my front door.  I never thought much of it as I had always considered it a radio tower. In fact, it slipped my mind over the next year or so.  I started observing, over the next few months, a number of helicopters dart in between the tree canopies above me. My curiosity was rejuvenated. The whole idea was  a mystery to me. Curiosity got the best of me. When the leaves fell, in the fall, I noticed a hidden road that ran up along the face of the mountain.  The road, dotted with flood lights, was encased by barbed-wire fence.  You could follow the illuminated lights as they scaled the mountain. I ended up tracing these lights down and when I consulted my GPS I observed a road that appeared to go close to the barbed wire mountain road. I followed the map and found the road the GPS revealed and then, finding an undocumented road, came up on the gate shown in the photo above.  A closer look of the tower revealed, what appeared to be, a lookout post (see the photo at the bottom of the post).  Just a few weeks later, the husband of our daycare provider, who was active duty in the Air Force, shared with me that he was a meteorologist at Site R (aka the underground Pentagon). While he wasn’t able to describe many of the activities at the site, he did verify that it was a logistical center carved into the mountain, built to withstand a missile strike and sustain life up to 3 years after the strike.  As I researched more into it, I had discovered that the location is one of the “security sites” for the President, VP, and/or any foreign leaders that may be visiting Camp David, a retreat used by the President and any guest invited (not the current POTUS, who would probably find the accommodations barbaric) that is only 15 minutes from my house.  Who knew anything like this would exist in a small isolated mountain in southern PA?

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The Music Man

Now You See It


Forgot this originally!  Castle in the Clouds


6 Replies to “Hidden Figures”

    1. Yesterday’s prompts were a little challenging. I was running out of time so I had to stay close. I would love to visit. Every year they have a family day and all staffs families can tour the site. Actually I could easily pass for his brother, but he didn’t bite 😕 there are a few pics I found by googling it. That combined with some more details from him, I have a better image of the site. In the extra photos you can actually see a floodlight, in the bottom left, for the road and at the top of the closeup you can see a white antenna that is right next to the helicopter pad. And the other cool site is, on a cold fall/winter day, you can see steam rise from one of the air vents. Even more mysterious!

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