River of Dreams


Day 189 – July 8, 2018

Scintillating – FOWC / Clew – RDP / River – CSDWP / Pool – OWPC /  #458 – Weekend Reflections / Wind – Sunday Stills 

I hope you all had the same beautiful weekend we had on the East Coast. Of course, if you live on the East Coast, well then, you probably did. It’s probably why it is later than I would like to be posting my POD.  I absolutely love taking pictures of reflections off the water.  I typically will stop and look into any pool of water to search for anything that reflects off the surface.  I especially love it when you really have to take second look to see if it is the reflection or the actual object.  I am not saying that this photo is a perfect example, but I think it does capture the scintillating tranquility on display today. I really could imagine myself pulling up clues on both sides of the retaining walls, attach my hammock across and over and settle in for an afternoon siesta. So today’s Sunday Stills prompt was wind.  Not that it isn’t difficult to capture wind, but in order to incorporate a couple of other challenges, I struggled.  I was about to delete the link when I noticed the ripples on the water.  Only a breeze or someone churning the water could cause that, and seeing that there was no one in or around the water, I deduced it was the former.  Hoping all have a fantastic week! **believe**

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19 Replies to “River of Dreams”

  1. It is sure not easy combing several themes, yet each week you seem to pull if off successfully and artfully! The subtle ripples on the water hint at the summer breeze you may have enjoyed while getting this image! Over hear on the west coast, a stiff delta breeze is what we really need as the temps seems to stay between 95-102. Yuck!

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    1. Oh no! Temps are back up in 90’s now. I dont know which coast is worse. I lived in NoCal for a few years, and it was just as humid. I think the thing with WP was that when you posted on the daily prompt or WPC there was a definitive audience gathered in one place. And I know there weren’t a lot of people who looked at others entry’s, but some of my favorite bloghosts (did I just make a new word or has someone claimed that. When you think about it, when we post, you’re obviously a host but unless people know you personally, basically, you are a ghost? Hmmm🧐) came from there. So in order to compensate for that loss I thought the more the merrier! (Prob a lot more than you were expecting.. sorry about that! 🤐)

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  2. What a peaceful looking place! I would love to take a notebook out there and just write my little heart out! I concur, the weather on the East Coast was FABULOUS this weekend, and it was nice to not have my skin melting off!

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    1. I know, I appreciated my skin not melting and my feet not sizzling. It’s ironic you say that, because on any given day, late spring – early fall, you are sure to see someone with their drawing pad and easel catching scenes, and someone is somewhere along the walkway writing. I think I actually caught them in one of my previous shots of the area. It is beautiful and its one of the fastest growing arts districts in the trip-state area! So happy to hear from you again, hoping all is well!


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