Time Turner


Day 186 – July 5, 2018

Evanescent – WODC /Curtail – FOWC / Fire Prevention – Cee’s B&W Challenge (Look Below) /  Trace – RDP

Let me just state for the record, wordless Wednesday takes a lot of self-control. I figure it’s good practice to let the photo speak for itself.  Makes it a little more challenging composing a shot.  Hope all who read this had a good day yesterday.  It was a rough one here.  We had a major thunderstorm that hit unexpectedly.  It ended up stalling right overhead, unleashing not just a trace but a wakeful of rain.  The storm ended up curtailing the festival and last nights firework display.  I expect they will make it up this weekend.  But the storm has to be the worst I have seen in a very long time.  The lightning was so very evanescent.  Except for the bolt that I literally saw hit outside the window. That bolt ended up causing the A/C to stop running (on the hottest, muggiest days of the year,  requiring an emergency call to the HVAC company.  The tech came out and found the problem to be a short which will require a very expensive replacement of the compressor.  Not only that, the charge sent a surge through the house wifi and internet cable lines, effectively blowing out the TV, the router, the modem, the Apple TV, as well as any cables attached to them.  The satellite was also knocked out, but I somehow managed to get that up and working again.  It could be worse.  A house, about 4 blocks away, was hit and burned down by lightning.  I don’t think Mother Nature wanted to be outdone by the loads of firework displays filling the sky last night.  What a jealous bit@$!  I almost forgot.  The photo entry is of the town square.  It is being completely overhauled and restored to what it was like a century ago.  The 4 way, which is where I shot this, is being made into a roundabout.  The fountain, that was originally there, will return to its home.  You can see, by the clock and street light, are replications of the original gaslights.  I am sure there will be after photos once it is finished.  But I think it is a really neat concept and am looking forward to the results.

Speaking of fire (too soon?)- here is the entry for Cee’s B&W challenge. This is the town of  Emmitsburg’s fire station.fullsizeoutput_6dbe

3 of Many

Very Timely


A CoVisit



12 Replies to “Time Turner”

      1. It’s been Tuesday, Wednesday, last night, and no doubt through the weekend with pop pop pop and shaking dogs! Fireworks are great until it’s time to retire the rest of your fireworks. I love photos of them! So cool if they’re taken right. Believe me, I don’t know how to take a photo of fireworks which is why I respect someone’s ability to take great photos!

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    1. I haven’t found the actual host, but it is a challenge where the photo speaks for itself and tells the story. Actually, I have seen other days used for the challenge as well. It’s kind of nice to just let not to include a post every now and then. Reminds me to stay focused on why I am doing the blog! 💕

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    1. Considering it was my first it was refreshing, in all honesty. Not that it would become a common practice, unless I chose to post more than 1 time a day, which is not really my intent. It takes me a lot of time to create my photo composition, edit it (a little) and then write the accompanying post (let alone live every day so that I have something to write about 😛) so I am very content working my 365 and catching up on all the wonderful posts you all create. 💕You can have these storms. I am content with just showers, though we kind of needed it to lower this awful humidity. 😓


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