Beat the Heat


Day 184 – July 3, 2018

Heat – TPC / Stacks – CFFC / Exposure – WODC / Serried – RDP

It was so hot out today that I thought it would be a good idea to work on cleaning out the garage.  It’s not that crazy, I would be in the shade and out of the sun. I wasn’t going to stay out long (have you met me?) but I had to figure out something that would get me up and moving a little bit.  Combine that with attempting to be productive and it’s a win-win situation.  Except when it’s not.  I managed to clear a small section out before I realized that exposure to the heat was inevitable.  And while I applaud myself for a good idea, the rest of me was in an outright revolt.  Before I went in though, I serried some of the tools used for hauling snow, in a little stack, with the thought that the heat is just a state of mind (and to provide some levity).  Think cool, it will be cool. As you can see by the temperature, and the first degree burns on the bottom of my feet (photo below), that school of thought is bullsh$#.  **believe**

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10 Replies to “Beat the Heat”

  1. Mind over hot weather? Hmmmm….. Be the cool you want to be! I can’t feel the bottoms of my feet. I learned a hard lesson when I was walking on hot concrete without realizing my feet were burning. I wasn’t aware that my feet were numb to the point I couldn’t feel how hot the ground was….

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    1. Ouch!! 😲 well that just sucks! I know of that pain of which you feel. I have neuropathy from chemo that really affects feet and hands so when I finally feel the burn, it’s too late. 😕

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        1. Yes. I’ve been clear 8 years now. So I guess that would make me a “survivor”. The neuropathy and increasingly loud tinnitus are my scars! But I will take them over the alternative. I have been very luck to have, so far, escaped back surgery, although it is a distinct possibility!

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          1. I have degenerative disc disease and now advanced osteoporosis at 45. So, I’ve had 3 spinal surgeries so far. My last one was in April of this year and my entire neck is pretty much titanium now. It’s crazy. I’ve always had weird medical stuff but it usually stumps my doctors because they’re always telling me I shouldn’t have whatever it is because I’m too young or it’s rare.

            I’m pretty content, though. I have hard days sometimes, but I work full time, love my life and am excited I am here to share my craziness with my family! Lol….

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          2. Crazy is a great way to explain any of this. I was too old to get it according to stats. I also had a very aggressive tumor, but I would refuse to let it be a part of me, aside from the treatments, I never gave it a second more of my time. Crazy, I know, but when we keep focus and in control of us (there is so much that we cant control) great things happen 😊 I actually kept a blog throughout the entire ordeal, it helped so much! I am very impressed that you are now made of titanium! Your tough on both inside and outside!


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