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Day 181 – June 30, 2018

Empathetically – WODC / Too Much of a Good Thing – FOWC / Fluke – RDP / Goodbye June – CityDWP / Roof – June Month of Squares

My grandmother (on my Dads side) use to live in Iowa.  I remember, when I was younger, we would visit her and end up going out to “the farm.”  The farm belongs to my dad’s uncle and it was truly a working farm.  I remember playing in the loft of the barn, jumping down into a pile of hay.  We’d explore the barns and sit on the tractors, and other huge equipment, and help feed a number of different animals.  I also remember playing in the silos. This was both exciting and scary, especially when you see that once that door is shut, it’s pretty dark and you have no idea where the door was.  After I saw the movie Witness, that ended any thought of ever going in a silo ever again. The funny thing is that I had always thought of them as missile silos.  That was probably because that is exactly what my cousins use to tell me. I believed them.  They would also say that the missiles weren’t there now because they were being cleaned and tested.  Or that they had been assigned to fly to Mars on a top secret mission. That I also believed.  So I don’t think it is any fluke, that even to this day, my first thought is always “missile silo” (there is another thought, but this it not the forum) 😉.   It is close to 100 degrees today. I do not think it is a fluke that work on this farm right now is nowhere to be found.  And I empathetically would never blame them.  It is also the last day of June. You really can tell (without the help of a calendar) just by the height of the corn.  In just about a week or so the corn will start filling the silos, and that will continue until all crops are harvested.  That can never be too much of a good thing. Rest assured, however, based on what I mentioned earlier, I will be nowhere near any silo. And that is fine by me.  **believe**

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      1. yep, a furnace is a dry heat too, lol. I do admit you feel the heat at lower temps with humidity. With less humidity, up until the high 80s, it’s not bad. AFter that though, phew! I imagine Iowa has a lot more humidity

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