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Day 180 – June 29, 2018

Roof – June Month of Squares / Cee’s Which Way Challenge / Beginnings – WPC / Obtuse – WODC / Nightmare – FOWC / Milestone – RDP

I had a nightmare last night.  I dreamt that I was watching my dunlap* slowly blow up like a balloon, becoming more and more obtuse. And just when I was on the brink of busting my gut, I woke up soaked in sweat.  I did have a bit too much to eat yesterday, which I believe probably contributed to the subconscious development of this nightmare. That and when I stepped foot on my scale this morning, I realized I had reached my weight milestone, in the wrong direction.  But what was worse was when that dream poured into reality and led me to the front of this building.  Was it a sign?  Was it fate? It, more than likely, was karma (what a bi+$#).  It was like the Gods were screaming down to me “GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASS AND TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS OR THAT DREAM WILL COME TRUE!” Sorry for the all caps, but when you’re quoting the gods, it kind of calls for it…  That and I am losing my hearing and wouldn’t be able to hear them if they weren’t screaming…  It’s not like I am unmotivated.  I remember when I was playing and coaching soccer, staying fit was never really an issue. I ate well.  I rarely let myself become sedentary.  Spending a lazy day sprawled out on the couch would have driven me nuts.  Granted that was 10 years ago, and now, as I watch the World Cup, those glory days are at the forefront of my head. I was able to maintain that fitness for a few years after I stopped.  And now, looking down on that scale, I am sensing that desire (and urgency) to return to that level of fitness, or something somewhat close.  I will even possibly start becoming more proactive in that pursuit of fitness.  It is possible,  right after I finish watching the World Cup.  After all, even though I have an itch to hit the gym; I also have an itch to sprawl out on the couch, laying on my lazy ass, and let those guys in Russia run around in that heat. I can just live vicariously through them. Who wants to get up and go out in that 95 degree temps and drive to the gym?  Especially when you know that wonderful smell of summer sweat will fill the gym, testing those seldom used gag reflexes.  No, thank you.  I’ll just drink more water. **believe**

*Dunlap – the result of indulging to the point when your belly dunlap your belt

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BONUS!!! It’s a ps Post!

Back in the post Deer Gracie, I mentioned that it’s not uncommon for the deer to get pretty close to my back deck.  So I was on my front porch writing tonight’s post, when Jon strolled up.  I honestly thought she was heading up the stairs.  This is now the closest they have come to the house and the closest I have gotten to them.  I actually caught John sticking her tongue out at me like she was mocking me with “nah nahna boo boo, you can’t get me” and she’d be right.

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