No Place Like Dome


Day 176 – June 25, 2018

Roof\Rooves – June Month of Squares / Defense – 24WP1 / Tourists – #SundayStills / Precedent – RTP / Confession – MM3WP / Cee’s WWPC

I didn’t feel good about my post for Sunday Stills yesterday, especially living right next to a very popular tourist destination.  And to compound  that guilt, the number of photo ops is too many to count. So here is my second entry to that challenge.  I also realized I could take care of a couple of other prompts with this photo as well.  This is the Monument to the State of Pennsylvania at Gettysburg, in Pennsylvania.  I have a confession: I really didn’t care much about the civil war the first few years I moved here.  I knew a lot about the park and how to navigate through it and I knew where the “sites to see” were.  However, when family and friends came to visit, I was the last to volunteer to guide them through the park.  It was pretty boring to me. That changed pretty fast when I did some research for a script I wrote for the dinner theatre, I owned and operated, in downtown Gettysburg. As I gathered information and resources I started to geek out when I could actually match pictures with their actual location, and see these buildings I was currently reading about.  I started to understand why this was such a defining moment in American History.  The War of Gettysburg is considered the pivotal turning point in the Civil War and set the precedent of strategies of the remaining battles.  One of the biggest factors was the Union’s defence when the South was in prime position to win the battle with a strategic attack.  Pennsylvania suffered the second highest number of casualties in the 3 day battle (NY had the most).  It is such a sobering thought when you look out over the town (especially in the July heat!) and begin to imagine what those soldiers had to go through in order to get to the battlefield. Especially considering what the state of roads, terrain, and weather conditions were like and the distance and mode they all had to travel.  Suffice it to say I have a greater respect and appreciation for now realize that it is an honour to live near Gettysburg. Want a good dose of history, visit the park. If you want the ultimate experience, visit during the first week of July 3.  Any day really works, but I strongly suggest not visiting the following week. Unless it’s your kind of thing. 😉

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Salt Lick

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Right to Remain Silent



8 Replies to “No Place Like Dome”

  1. I can imagine a huge tourist draw to an historical attraction such as this! I wouldn’t have remembered this particular time in American history, so thanks for re-educating me with this post! 🙂 There are tourist destinations here and abroad that focus just on history and garners a huge business in the world of tourism. Glad you could link again to Sunday Stills as well as to some other challenges!

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    1. Thank you Terri! That means a lot. I did tend to do that a lot with my 1st 365 because I limited where my photos could be shot so I ended up doing a lot of historical sites. I did a little digging to include some info on the subject. It was very fun and very surprising at times. Kinda funny when you think how boring an area like this would be without the actual educational part of it. 👩‍🎓👨🏽‍🎓 Thank you for hosting that great challenge!

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