Stick That In Your Pipe


Day 175 – June 24, 2018

Rejuvenate – RDP / Fish – JPADC / Light the Night – PAWC / Tourist – SSC / Stark – TWIPC / Epiphany – WODC

These last two days have been very accommodating to me in that the prompts I used had a solid connection.  Looking at today’s words I feel like a tourist at a Amish Smorgasbord (Trust me, I know that of which I speak). So hang in there with me as I navigate my way through the attempt to link the prompts to the photo.  I just happened upon this piece by total accident.  I was in town looking for photo ops, when I decided I needed to grab a refreshment in order to continue my adventures.  I just finished eating and set out, feeling rejuvenated, to find todays post. All of a sudden the clouds darkened in a stark contrast from the bright sun filled sky.  Before I knew it, the skies opened up, and when I say opened up, I mean it was like a dam bursting.  There was absolutely no place I could be, without  ending up looking like a drowned rat.  Two buildings up was a shop I hadn’t ever been in, but I had this epiphany so I went in, hesitantly.  Once in I realized I was in this vape shop that sold items that would make Spencer’s look like a rogue Toys-R-Us. By this point I had no choice, so I meandered about, and made it appear that I was very interested in the stores contents as not to be called and then kicked out.  As I walked toward the back, things became very interesting, in a good way.  There was an abrupt change of lights, from the business incandescent to the deep saturated UV black light where my first thought was “light the night”.  I found myself surrounded by glass, literally.  Glass pipes lined the multi tiered shelves and there were 3 large glass enclosed curio cabinets.  Each of the cabinets held a piece of glass, the smallest coming in at 52″.  Each glass pipe was meticulously hand blown, designed and sculptured and painted in such amazing detail. I literally stood in front of each, for no less than 10 minutes, gazing at the detailed intricacies of each pipe.  I grabbed my camera and ended up choosing this one because, well frankly I wanted to post the photo so there is a sense of what I saw.  And this one had fish, and I knew that fish was a prompt for one of the challenges.  I had such a hard time finding the right camera settings and ended up using the iPhone photo because it produced the best one.  After a good half hour, the storm had passed and the sky once again was bright and clear. I headed out of the shop with the photo that answered each prompt, a little sketchy but still…. Oh and by the way if you wanted to purchase one of the glasses, the cheapest would only set you back $1200.

3 of Many

You Can Just Smell Them

Resol: ½ Way There

The Other ½?

31 Replies to “Stick That In Your Pipe”

    1. I have been having issues with comments, and other computers thinking I was a spammer. I was curious to see if a couple of comments I sent (but didn’t appear on your last two posts) went to your spam account. If you would let me know if they did I would appreciate it! Thanks! 😬

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  1. What an amazing photo! And love the title! A photo challenge delight! I love it when bloggers can post one photo to coincide with several photo challenges! Thanks for linking up with #SundayStills…that vape shop seems like a tourist trap literally and figuratively! I am currently looking ahead to match a couple of themes with OWPC and Cee’s black and white challenges over the next couple of weeks 🙂

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    1. Thank you very much! I’ve been trying to combine, just to get it out there a bit more. I have set my email up to drop the new prompts into folders so I have all daily prompts automatically delivered to one folder, weekly photo to another and special prompts to a third. Makes it easier for me to get all challenges at once. Problem is I keep adding to them as I find them. I’ve been waiting for a good combo so that I can do Cee’s Black and White as well! Probably more than you wanted to know! 😛But I really appreciate the comment!

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        1. I started with Cee’s challenge listings. And that went from one to another and from there a couple of the blogsites shared other challenges that they use and from there it just kind of spiderwebbed out!

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    1. YEAH!! Me too! Why aren’t they doing it anymore? I’m relatively new to WP (1.5yrs) & only discovered them a few months before they shut it down. Now I love WP, but I gotta say .. I’m kinda disappointed. It was great inspiration & motivation – not to mention it brought us together.

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      1. It is safe to say that I would probably have only 10 followers/following if it weren’t for DWP. It really helped me go through posts and find blogs I was interested in. Now I search through Reader which really isn’t the best or effective program. In fact, that would be something that WP should really improve.

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          1. I was thinking maybe whoever was organizing it wasn’t in the mood anymore but I mean come on just pass it on to somebody else who wants to. I had a split second thought where I said you know what I’m going to do it and then I came back to my senses I have so much on my plate I just don’t have time to run something like that right now participate yes run no

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          2. I know right. If I did it then I wouldn’t be able to do all the others. And I like those. But it is nice to see so many other great people trying to pick up the slack.

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