The Sky’s the Limit


Day 164 – June 13, 2018

Roof(Rooves) – June Month of Squares  /  Mirror – FOWC / Signs – Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge / Smorgasbord – Ragtag Daily Prompt / Sitting on the Fence – Meet the Bloggers / Mysterious – Manic Mondays Prompt (2 days late)

In all honesty I wanted to do a wordless Wednesday, but I have yet to find a host for that one.  But should I find one, shhhhhh.

Ok, now that I completed that, I am realizing that I am going to have to start cycling or coming up with a schedule as to what prompts I am going to use on the given day.  The problem is I just want to do them all.  And while I do enjoy combining as many as I can and then explaining how the photos match each word (granted some creative liberties have been taken) I feel that it sometimes takes away from the main point of my post. The photo itself and the story behind it. So, this is where I have been, preparing for a show the last couple of days, (which, btw opened tonight and I thought it was only a dress rehearsal.  Can we say adrenaline rush?)  and will continue through Saturday.  The place is just so photogenic.  There are so many cool looking photos I can post. I guess this is why I am glad using prompts. They help me narrow down my choices.  I am pretty sure I am going to have to get my Instagram active again.  Just to post more photos I take that don’t make the cut.  In any case, I haven’t been in the space after sundown, and tonight I was able to see it all lit up. The overall feel had this really mysterious air about it, especially after sundown.  This shell of the building, that lost its roof in a fire, was saved by an anonymous donor who thought it would be a unique venue in its current state.  It is easy to see why the arts council haven’t really had any trouble utilizing the space with a smorgasbord of a variety of performance and displays. I love how the signs look like mirror images of the letters perched as if sitting on a fence  If there is anyone who has developed a “prompt/challenge” schedule, I would be interested in the process.  If not, I might just put one together and share it here.  I don’t know but I am certainly glad I found a couple of bloggers who have started collecting challenges and prompts from all over.

3 of Many

All You Need is Love

What More Do You Need

A Quiet Place



11 Replies to “The Sky’s the Limit”

    1. Oh yes! I found Cee a couple of months ago when I was doing Black and White Sunday’s. I was looking for ideas and found her. I was/am very grateful. Thank you for hosting this awesome challenge!

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