Brain Fart


Day 146 – May 26, 2018

Doppelgänger – DWP

This past school year has not been the best.  In fact, it has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride with the majority of it trying to climb back up after many drops, twists and turns.  It just so happens that I am struggling to make that climb back up, after having the bottom drop out of what, for a while, seemed to be pretty solid ground. It has been one of those years where every time you feel like things are finally turned around and headed in the right direction, the map is completely ripped away from you.  Recently there was concern that I may be experiencing epileptic episodes.  I had been feeling a little bit out of sync with myself.  Sometimes I just had to stop, regroup, and start up again.  So in for an MRI, a CT, and 3 days of wearing all these wires attached to a monitor that I had to carry around with me everywhere I went.  Needless to say, it was miserable, but the good news is that it isn’t epilepsy.  However, that still means there is no idea of what it could be.  I am happy to report that there have been no episodes so things seemed to have worked themselves out.  So one climb complete, yet another drop. One that I never saw coming.  But that isn’t for this post.  This is a scan of my brain.  The monitor in the back is a google search for brains.  I think I found my brains doppelgänger, but I can’t be completely sure.

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3 Replies to “Brain Fart”

  1. Hey, I read this with particular interest because you thought you might have epilepsy. Your description of your symptoms does sound like Absence seizures. I”m so happy to hear that you don’t have them. After your three-day EEG, what did your neurologist say? If they don’t know what it is yet, what’s the plan? I ask because I went through all of those steps and more at the beginning of my epileptic diagnosis. In the end, I do have epilepsy but I’ve found some correlations with other things. For instance, do you suffer from migraines? Are you finding any cognitive issues with this? This is absolutely none of my business, but I really hate to see someone have symptoms with no diagnosis…especially when it’s brain-related. Sending you healing thoughts! 🤗

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    1. The big thing was they were putting me on a new med for mood stuff and the med was one that could cause seizure activity. Since my episodes came on around the same time as the new drug they felt that it was the drug that could have been the catalyst. After stopping/starting etc that drug along with the tests, they ruled out epilepsy. That is not to say that there weren’t any seizure activity found, it just wasn’t epilepsy. He felt that it could be related to sleep apnea, which I have. But I haven’t had a sleep study in like 10 years, so it is possible that my CPAP settings may not be supplying the right amount of pressure. So I’m waiting for insurance to approve a new study so that can be done. And then I guess it’s wait and see. But again the nice thing is, no episodes where I leave for a few minutes and then come back, not knowing I do it. I guess it’s kind of like suspended animation. Trippy but scary at the same time. Thank you for your concern and for reading the post.

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      1. It’s funny, it was a migraine-related sleep study that started me on my little hellish journey and it looks like it will be the end of yours. I am so relieved to hear that it most likely is med-related. THAT you can fix easily. 🙂

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