Bad Hair Day


Day 110 – April 20, 2018

Prolific – WPC   Authentic – DWP

Cut it close yesterday so I am trying to squeeze this post in before the day really gets crazy.  With two nights to go, I see that bright light at the end of the tunnel. And it’s not because I want it to be over, I am just ready for it to be over.  It is very important to me, that no matter what, we pay attention to details and ensure that whatever is happening reflects the time the production takes place.  In this shows case it is 1979.  I have seen a number of productions, where most of everything is at least attempted to the era.  Everything, that is, except hair. And unfortunately, it really stands out when the costumes are good, make up good, but the hair is nowhere near the time period.  And because it happens to be one of the biggest focal points, it’s unfortunate.  It is the most common detail that goes unaddressed, and if it gets addressed it is not executed properly.  A lot of work and research is, or at least should be, done to create the illusion enabling the audience to be transported back.  And that is a detail that we do not gloss over.  This is a prolific amount of authentic wigs that represent the hairstyles of the late 70’s.  The remarkable thing about these wigs, and these details is that they really completely change the look of the performer, to the point I really don’t recognize my own cast.  It is really something special and is one of those small details that help to bring credibility and recognition to one school over the others. Happy Friday hoping there’s a smile in your heart!

3 x 2 of More than a Few

WPC                                 DWP

Visual Stim                             This Is Me

Turn My Water into Wine    Truth

The Answer My Friend.          Let There Be Light

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    1. I did and it was so entertaining to me to see reactions to some of the “lingo”. In fact we are opening another show tomorrow that is set in the 70’s as well and having many more popular songs of the time. To see the kids reaction when singing the lyrics the first time was priceless. The suggestive double entendre really caught them off guard.

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    1. Thank you! I enjoy the challenge of catching both in one. Sometimes they just fall into place and others are kind of a stretch! Thanks you much for taking time to read the post!

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