Livin On the Edge – DWP (Warning)


Day 90 – March 31, 2018

A gorgeous day was perfect for a little walk with Anastasia.  Taking some awesome shots to highlight the day as well as looking for an image that would capture todays prompt.  This photo is pretty much right on the center point of a sharp bend where the trail on both sides is a pretty steep incline.  Especially the trail behind me (which you can see in the photo below.) There are not warning signs as you approach this bend from either direction.  The only real warning you have are the guard rails that separate you from, what could be, the last ride of your life.  On typical dry days like today there really is not threat unless you are flying down the trail.  But on wet/ice/snow-covered roads, this particular bend is one best to avoid.  Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it), halfway up the trail sits the homestead.  In the years I have lived here I have seen 3 cars, who did not heed the warning, saved from certain demise.  A few years ago, while running an errand in the snow, my son and I were saved by another guard rail, in our section, that separates the trail from a 110′ complete drop off.  Shaken, we stepped out to see exactly what we would have come face to face with.  Thankfully, it was just the side of the car that was a little beat up.  This one, while very steep, has a few trees that could help break the fall.  Up here in the hills, seeing a guard rail is a sure warning that on the other side is a fall you, and your vehicle, do not want to take.

Looking the other way


3 of Many

Read the Label


Here’s Your Sign


2 Replies to “Livin On the Edge – DWP (Warning)”

  1. Haha so true! Up in NH we have all kinds of roads winding through the mountains with guardrails running along them….Makes you wonder how many drove over the edge before the government decided they were needed…


    1. That’s a scary thought. Then you think not just guard rails but stop lights that just pop up or yellow blinking caution lights. How many accidents with fatalities had to happen for those to go up.

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