Sucker Punch – DWP (Betrayed)


Day 89 – March 30, 2018

Betrayal.  Wow, how ironic, hitting close to home, actually right on the home. I really believe the writing of this is more important than the picture.  It is near impossible to capture, what happened, with a picture.  I had an idea of a possibility but forgot to take it when I had the chance.  Maybe it was a sign, because as I went on errands, the sky started to become ominous. I chose this photo because when I look at it, it evokes the utter helpless betrayal I have/am experiencing.  It is definitely not in my best interest to talk specifics, as I have already come under fire from a comment I supposedly made.  And hell be damned should I say anything that would jeopardize what little dignity I have left.  Something/one that I never thought would be taken from me, was ripped away, unexpectedly, without warning, sending my life into an unrecoverable tail spin.  It is completely unfathomable, and what is worse, is that there is absolutely nothing I can do right this incredible injustice.  What is worse is there is no one I can talk to, no one who has any clue what happened and who are all as stunned as I am.  I have dealt with a lot of bumps in my life, some larger than others, and all of them pales in comparison to this.  When I was told I had cancer wasn’t as bad as this, because at least with the cancer I knew I would beat it.  I knew in my heart and soul that it would not ruin my jois de vivre.  And while it may seem overdramatic to some, when something you worked so long and so hard for, that you have devoted most of your life creating, that you invested so much time that you almost missed your own kids growing up, is stolen, taken without any reason whatsoever, it is not so dramatic.  The picture at least captures some elements  that offers some insight to that which I cannot describe.  The gray darkening sky, stealing the light of day, taking over the sky, creating an atmospheric disturbance.  The void that stands in the background, just a shadow of what should be there.  The 3 crosses, which represent the ultimate betrayal.  No color just black and gray.  And even though I leave you “in the dark” absolutely curious and possibly a little frustrated, well then you are experiencing just a little bit of what I continue to deal with. I am including a second photo.  One that I almost went with, but felt the main image did a better job.  It is also one that I really love how it came out.  Find your inner piece and have a wonderful weekend!



3 of Many

Said this Myself

The Moral Code

Lit by Starlight

And of Course it’s Fab Friday!

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