Voices Carry – DWP (Noise)


Day 73 – March 14, 2018

Today is the new weekly photo challenge, and I am actually excited about shooting that story.  But then, like I do every day, I looked at the word prompt, and I could not help but to journal this.  Schools across the U.S. panned a walk-out at a specific time, to raise awareness and protest violence in schools.  It was a very well planned event and no one, as far as I know, took advantage of it.  The rally leaders had their say, their peers cheered them on and it was a good sign of school unity.  My problem was this.  Their message was really not being heard by the people who need to hear it.  If they want to unite and make a statement that will be effective and take notice, why not gather all the “student leaders” of each school and make their statement through strength and numbers.  There is a beautiful walk along Carrol Creek in downtown, where I would think if all these kids from the 10 high schools in the county conducted a candle light vigil, one light one voice, what a statement that would make. Perhaps it just isn’t enough “voice” to be heard. Who knows, what do I know? I just try and provide a safe and secure learning environment. And no, I do not want to carry a gun in school.  A taser?  Bring it on!  I came across a song that I hadn’t heard in close to 15 years, and as I listened to it today, I couldn’t stop playing it.  Realizing the issues we have now, were the same 15 years ago.  Read the lyrics.  If interested, I posted a link to the song on you tube.  (It also happens to be my favorite band, well until recent events really messed things up.)  I do hope you hear what I heard.  This is the noise I appreciate.
Come join in the fun – Daily Word Prompt Noise

Around the World

Maybe what we need is just space to breathe.
Maybe we just need to take a step back and think this through.
Some might find it necessary while others find it challenging.
There’s so many ways we can change, so many ways to see someone else’s point of view.

All around the world.
Can’t you see a day, everyone leaning the same way?
All you need is love.

We’re blinded by fear and we hate our brother.
We don’t understand his differences.
It’s our ignorance that’s a handicap waiting for a cure.

All around the world, we react the same way.
When you love it’s like a flood.
All you need is love.

All around the world,
Love changes everything even in the smallest of ways.
All you need is love.

Day by day the veil is lifted and I release control.
All these changes, all this re arranging starts with me if I want more.
Love is all, all you need.

All you need.
All you need is love.
All around the world.
We all have the choice, speak in fear or make love your voice.

All you need is love.
Love is all you need.
All around the world, change begins with you, with everything you do.

All you need is love.
All around the world, it’s time to stop the blame.
Only love heals the pain.
All you need is love.

Music& Lyrics by Geoff Tate, Kelly Gray and Scott Rockenfield

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Turning Lemons

Don’t need to tell me twice

Was this close to using the title for this blog!

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