Squirrel!!! DWP – (Captivating)


Day 71 – March 12, 2018

(Make sure you scroll to the bottom for an extra that I never have done!) This has had to be the most difficult word to take a picture of anything that can express what captivates me.  I could, literally, write a book on all the things that can capture and hold my attention for a period of time.  And for someone, and it is no surprise here, with ADHD it is pretty difficult to keep my mind focused long enough on the multitude of, well  you name it, subjects (for lack of a better word)?  And when they do capture my attention, I end up photographing them, journaling, or incorporating them so that I can use it later or remember the event.  Looking for “captivating” subjects today was not easy.  It was a gray day, I was home and went through the day being somewhat captivated only by the noise coming from the television.  I was asked to pick up dinner tonight, and on my way home, it came to me that one of the many things that can really captivate me, more than once, is the history of the war and the part that Gettysburg, and the surrounding Towns, including the one I live in, played.  I know I have spent very little time on the battlefield and other amazing locations in my past two 365’s.  So this picture really represents something that I am constantly seeking more information about and often stop in my tracks to read or learn about the history and significance.  And one more thing. Well two.  I have added a second photo below of that sign that you can just see the top of (I did not want you to feel like you were missing anything.)  And the second, well let’s just say that it is one of the things that the area is known for, and some places kinda take advantage. That being “ghost stories” and ghost walks or tours or whatever they call them. Using tales to relate the things that happenned to people or in different specific locations.  There was a Ghost Hunters episode that they actually were not able to be debunk, in the Cashtown Inn.  I have been there, it does raise the hairs on the back of your neck.  So while I am not a huge believer in it, I have never completely unaccepted it. And when things happen like what I caught below, well let’s just say tiny skeptic in me continues to disappear.   So I am adding a clip of an incident that I witnessed, video captured, watched over and over, examined frame by frame and came to the conclusion that there is absolutely no explanation. The owner asked me not to disclose where it is, because he just doesn’t want the publicity.  He says they don’t bother him, so there is no need.  Watch.  It is totally captivating.

1863 Army
The sign that is cut off in the main photo

A couple of things before you watch.  The ONLY altering I did was to take out the dialogue (I used a lot of explicatives, and names were heard), I zoomed in on the 1 monitor.  There were 3 others as part of surveillance.  There was absolutely NOTHING in that room that could be what they are.  No bugs, No dust, no glittery stuff.  And there is nothing that I have ever seen move the way these do.  Totally Captivating.  Enjoy!

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6 Replies to “Squirrel!!! DWP – (Captivating)”

    1. Oh ps. No I could not see anything. But you definitely have sensations and the old hair on the back of the neck stands pretty tall. The more incredible thing is that as you describe what you are feeling the activity around you correlated with what you are saying.

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    1. Sometimes I feel like you have to say you aren’t full convinced to appease some people. But I do believe there is something that is completely unexplainable. And those orbs were amazing. He told me before he went in that he feels they like him. He talks to him. But they don’t like his wife and it’s kinda funny because when she cones in the pattern is much more negative and when he’s in there they are positive. You see them just kind of swarm to him. It really is remarkable. Working in Gettysburg and taking walks was pretty crazy. Cashtown was just an incredible experience, so while I may say I’m not fully convinced I do believe! Make sense?

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