CV Day 365 part 2- The END?

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When I began this venture a year ago, I wasn’t sure I was going to make it past day 2, in fact, I wasn’t so sure I was even going to get out and take day 1’s picture.  Now as I sit here and post day 365 I am both relieved and thrilled that I was able to accomplish this very difficult, yet rewarding, task.  This 365 has consumed my life in a way that is very difficult to explain.  It’s funny how such a thing can become the most important thing you do in a day.  There were days where I felt like absolute crap, yet when I thought about the 365, I felt instantly well enough to get motivated to take the shot.  Yes, there were days it was an inconvenience, but I got use to carrying my camera everywhere and at opening my eyes to possible compositions.  I did get frustrated with the limitations I set for myself, but I always kept an eye open for any possible subject.  I learned a lot about me and most importantly more about my camera, which is why I did this all to begin with.  I asked on my Facebook page for help regarding my final picture and many of my friends said a “self portrait”.  I am not about having my picture taken, I feel much more at ease behind the lens, but I like to please my friends so here ya go.  While out today I decided to go by the golf course again (They started ski season, by the way) and I saw this location.  After several set up shots, I set the timer and snapped off a few.  I had no idea which one to post, until I was told that this one looks like the back of a book jacket.  So there it is.

I want to thank all of you for following me, those who subscribed to me thank you, I hope you enjoyed receiving the pictures as much as I enjoyed uploading them.  I want to thank Bill (who is attempting to get me to keep going), for inspiring me and for encouraging me all along.  I highly recommend you look at his page and follow him, he is an outstanding photographer who I have learned a lot from.  And if you doubt me, look at his post from today here it is simple breathtaking.

I am not sure what the future has in store, I have a few ideas, and perhaps I will start fresh tomorrow, I know that it is a good habit to have and I will more than likely continue, just not with limitations.  From Carroll Valley – Happy New Year Everyone, may your memories be captured and cherished.  December 31, 2011 – Jason

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  1. Hello Jason 🙂 You did a great job with self-portrait and the location seems breathtaking. I have one complaint though.. you should add the link to your WP blog under your gravatar pic 🙂


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